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Attractions in Germany

Germany has a rich cultural heritage from times immemorial.Local kings and emperors have left behind architectural manifestations that tourists to Germany would like to definitely visit. Since its reunification that is West and East Germany becoming one, several tourists have had the desire to visit various cities such as East Berlin and Bonn. In fact, the tourist visa percentage has shown an upward increase. Immigration to Germany has also been much in focus as migrants felt the desire to better their standard of living by earning more.

Nature has endowed Germany well and the scenic beauty attracts tourists from far and wide. A cursory look of some of these gorgeous natural creations as well as manmade creations would evoke desire to either migrate to Germany by seeking immigration or just to settle for a tourist visa to go on a superb holiday trip. Germany attractions are popular reasons for tourists to be eager to visit the country in order to get a feel of German culture and tradition. Germany visiting places are many, and one has to take time out to enjoy the ambiance in these places. A visit to these tourist attractions leaves behind memories for years to come. Here are few famous places in Germany:

  • Rugen Cliffs - These cliffs are located in the Jasmund National Park, which is situated in the northeast of Rugen Island. These rise high above the Baltic sea. The most majestic part of these cliffs is the King´s chair which is around 118 meter. The forests which have not been disturbed in any way and are situated behind the cliffs are part of the national park.
  • Lindau - This historical city is situated at the crossroads of German, Austrian as well as Swiss borders, situated in the eastern part of popular Lake Constance. The city is well connected by railway and bridge to the mainland. Lindau happens to be very popular with the tourists who visit that place. Many apply a visa to Germany to see these scenic spots. Those planning on immigration to Germany would certainly like to settle in these cities and towns.
  • River Rhine - The Rhine flows through several vineyards and has castles and cliffs near its shores. It is indeed known for its scenic beauty. The River has been a rather important trade route making its foray into Central Europe. On the banks of the river several small townships have come up which add to its glamour. It is worth settling there and the time and effort spent on immigration to Germany will be much appreciated once one gets an opportunity to settle on the banks of river Rhine.
  • Cologne Cathedral - It is gorgeous looking massive cathedral that tourists would simply not miss out on. It is Gothic and has been a famous landmark in Cologne for centuries. The construction of this cathedral began in 1248 and it took more than about 600 years for it to be completed.
  • Oktobefest - This rather largest Volksfest in the world has about 6 million visiting every year. Although the name makes it sound as an October festival, it is actually held at the end of September, up till the first weekend of October. It depicts Bavarian culture and is being held since 1810. Everybody visiting this festival has a superb time.
  • Holstentor - It happens to be one of the two remaining gates to city of Lubeck. It was built in the year 1464. The gate is now a museum. It has a very captivating round towers as well as an arched entrance. It is an interesting tourist attraction worth visiting.
  • Brandenburg Gate - This incidentally is the only surviving gate symbolizing re-unification of East as well as West Berlin. It was built in the 18th century and has boulevard lined up with linden trees. It was a direct way to reach the palace of the Prussian monarchs. It happens to be a famous landmark in Europe.
  • Germany is undoubtedly a place that tourists would like to visit. Even if one were contemplating on immigration, it is worth the effort, as Germany is an ideal place to settle down. To visit Germany on a visit one requires Germany Tourist Visa or Germany Visitor Visa.

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